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You wanna fool around?
Now anything you say to me is things I'm tryin to say to you-
Tryin' to get me out and through...

No amount of searching will find us,
Fuck up any way you miss.
Any way you miss... Fuck up any way you miss....
Think about what you waited for...

Did you just say what I think you said?
Did you just think just what I did?
Did you think just what I said?
Did you live my life instead?
Did you live my life instead?
Did you want to do something rather than just think about being dead?

Think you got Elmer's Glue but you don't know what's falling through...
(You make me sigh...)

"Oh it doesn't sound so cool"
I don't really care 'cause I don't give a damn about your rules.
Who creates a law? Why do they create a law?
Because we break it all like the seals...

(You don't have to live your life so stubbornly)
Who's got a seal? He's got a seal.
(It's all about the dream of you and me)
Bark it up, crack it up...

God don't mean nothin to me and shouldn't mean anything to you either...

Try to get up to you. Try to get out to you...

Create a Hallelujah...

Don't touch me with your voice

Don't touch me with your eyes
Don't touch me with your choice

"Oh it doesn't sound so cool"

Session One...
Don't look back, just take it all
Rip it from them like the seamstress does...

just make a brand new measuring cup..


from The Mona Lisa On Drugs, released June 1, 2013


all rights reserved


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