The American Woman

from by New Pink Floyd

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I find myself trying to find things..
In the Yamacraw village..

I like how you wash your hands with soap, lavender.
I like how you wash your hands with soap, tomato soap.
Maybe my soap is gonna smell like tomatoes.
Maybe my soap is gonna smell like mustard.
Maybe my soap, the hands I wash with...

I wash my hands with ketchup and mustard.
Cuz when I wash my hands with soap...

If I wash my hands with ketchup and mustard, I'll get to lick them off and it will be pretty sweet.

I like to wash my vegetables.

God only gives you things you can't see.
God only puts things in for you for you to think about yearning for.
Maybe I'm not really supposed to want to be...
Maybe it's just fascination too.
Maybe it's just a fascinating thing.
Maybe you're just reading into too.

Maybe you're reading.
Listen when they read.
Maybe you're eating.
Throw a party, bring 'em beer, bring them apple-tea.
Maybe you're making a big retreat to...
Bring them something so they don't talk to me.
Maybe you're making a maybe sweet too.
Oh, I can be sweet, I don't want to be.
Don't talk to me.
Don't you want to have lunch with me?
Have a lunge with me.
I'll whip you into shape, maybe I'll bring my baby.
Maybe I'll bring the the girl I put up for adoption.
Maybe I'll bring the one from Action Auction.

I stole the babies.

Trying to find...
In the Yamacraw village...

I toured imbecilic-land, what did I find?
I found people that read and they spend another why.
Spend another why and they spend another tie.
And they give another tie and they throw away their ties.
Throw away their ties, goin' on the floor.
Going on the floor, the cutting room floor.
The cutting room floor may be the cutty-room.

Talking about house and her bitch.

Did you come to me to be impressed?

That's American standard version of living.

Don't look it up.
Don't give me Bible shit....

Talk to Chi...

I rode my bike, Victoria Park.
I had a tour from here to Imbe too...
I had a tour from here to imbecile-land.
I toured imbecilic-land.
And you know what I saw? I saw it all...
I saw it all, because, hey...


from The Mona Lisa On Drugs, released June 1, 2013


all rights reserved


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